Tuscan Capocollo (with fennel or pepper)

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Capocollo is produced using the upper part of the pork neck, between the head and the shoulder. Its meat is made up of lean parts and well-balanced fat parts. These make it soft and tasty, thanks to a skilful spiciness that makes use of fennel seed and flower, plant that in Tuscany has always been used in the production of cured meats. We are very proud of our capocollo, which is not afraid of comparisons with similar competing products, in particular we try to take care of a good balance between the lean and the fat component. Our capocollo is packaged in the traditional way, wrapping it with yellow paper (also known as "paper straw", precisely because it is obtained from straw) and tying it with twine. It is very suitable for filling sandwiches and is one of the characteristic components of the classic Tuscan appetizer. Here it is one of the foods that are traditionally eaten at Easter due to a practical reason: in the past, peasant families slaughtered pigs in the period from December to January, when - in the absence of refrigerators - the low temperatures helped to preserve the meat. The capocollo needs an ideal maturation of about three months and therefore was ready for consumption precisely at that important holiday. We also make capocolli with pepper, that is, without the use of fennel, for that part of the clientele that does not appreciate its aroma. seasoning: about three months. Unit size: full – average weight about two kilos. Vacuum packed size: average weight about a chilo. Meat origin: Italy

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