Tuscan salami

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Tuscan salami is a sausage that needs no introduction. It has very ancient origins and already in 77 d.C. Pliny the Elder praised in his work "Naturalis Historia" the qualities of cured meats made in Tuscany. It is characterized by the presence of fat (lardello) cut into large enough cubes. The flavor is intense and decisive and goes beautifully with the well-known Tuscan wines, first of all the Chianti. Other successful combinations can be obtained with sparkling wines such as Franciacorta or Prosecco, white wines and also craft wheat beers (ale o wheat). seasoning: varies from 30 a 70 days depending on the caliber and size of the salami. Five different sizes: from kg 1,300, kg. 1,800, kg. 3,000, kg 4,000, kg 7,000. Vacuum-packed piece: minimum weight 1,5 about kg

Meat origin: Italy

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