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As is known, nothing about pork is thrown away and neither do we, remaining among the few who maintain the ancient tradition of buristo, product obtained by cooking meat from the pig's head, lardons and filtered pork blood, all stuffed into pig stomachs. In short, buristo is a type of black pudding. Its origins are very ancient, already in ancient Rome it was eaten in honor of Faun, god of the woods and fertility, on the occasion of the Lupercalia festival. In the early Middle Ages, however, it was repeatedly banned because it was considered linked to pagan practices. This is a little-known product, sought after by enthusiasts of Tuscan culinary traditions, with an unmistakable flavour. Traditionally it was consumed in winter for this reason we prefer not to produce it in the hot season. It pairs perfectly with freshly baked polenta. seasoning: none, it is a cooked product. Tuscan salami: circa 1,5 kg vacuum packaged. Meat origin: Italy

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