The cheater (2 kg)

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A strange name for a well-known cured meat, that is finocchiona, the well-known Tuscan sausage flavored with fennel seeds, a very common plant from us. Dal 2015 the denomination "finocchiona" can only be used by companies that have joined the igp consortium. We, like many other small realities, we preferred to avoid the costs and bureaucracy of the consortium, also because ... our "imbrogliona" is good and sells all the same! We are not afraid to say that - even without the igp stamp - the cheater has nothing to envy to her counterparts recently ennobled with stamped paper, we are very proud of it. Seeing is believing! The version called "sbriciolona" is also available, typical of Florentine Chianti. In this case the seasoning is shorter (dai 15 ai 45 days), and the coarser dough. The name derives from the fact that the sbriciolona tends to crumble and therefore must be cut into thicker slices. The flavor is fresh and aromatic. The seasoning of the imbrogliona varies from 20 a 60 days according to caliber. Six different sizes of whole pieces are available: and 350 Tuscan salami, and 1,500 kg, and 1,800 Kg, and 3,000 kg, and 4,000 kg, and 7,000 kg. Vacuum-packed piece: minimum weight kg 1,000. Meat origin: Italy

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