Salted pork loin

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E’ obtained from the back of the pig, that is, from one of its thinnest parts, which is normally used to make steaks or roasts. The presence of fat is very low, sometimes non-existent. This is one of our flagship products, with a unique and unmistakable taste and aroma. The spicing with fennel makes it particularly tasty. It is one of the most prized components of mixed appetizers of Tuscan cured meats and cheeses and goes well with various types of bread and focaccia. It is particularly suitable for buffets and aperitifs. A less common variant of its use consists in seasoning it with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil combined with flakes of parmesan and lettuce.. seasoning: two months. Whole loin size: average weight approximately three kg. Vacuum-packed loin size: average weight approx 1,5 kg. Meat origin: Italy.

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